Shimamura Sensei Classes

Albuquerque, NM November 9 & 10, 2019

Physical and Emotional Injuries: Qi, Blood and Water

Tsuyoshi Shimamura’s acupuncture style will change the way you view your practice. In this class he will introduce his unique method of diagnosis and treatment. He was the last apprentice to Master Nagano, a highly accomplished acupuncturist from Japan who was famous for his ingenious clinical approach. He incorporated concepts from the Chinese classical literature (Su Wen and Ling Shu), traditional Japanese acupuncture, and insights from western anatomy and physiology. This accessible approach makes Nagano style relevant to us, the modern practitioner, and for our patients.  From this foundation Shimamura Sensei has developed Nagano’s ideas along with influences from one of his original teachers, Kiiko Matsumoto, to become one of our generation’s great acupuncturists. He will generously teach an overview of his acupuncture techniques including Master Nagano’s diagnostic methods of pulse and channel/ hara palpation diagnosis and the order of treatment to build a simple, powerful treatment. He will teach constitutional treatments to nourish postnatal Qi and support prenatal Qi, treating a wide range of emotional and physical issues due to injury and trauma. His method includes elegant manual techniques allowing you to use less needles and to even more powerfully assist in rehabilitating structural imbalances, visceral tension, and visceral stagnation.

We are happy to bring Sensei Shimamura to Albuquerque, NM. This will be his first time here, we are very fortunate to have him. Sensei is the last apprentice to work with Master Nagano before he died, and is carrying on Nagano’s style of treatment. He freely shares Nagano’s vast technique, theory and experience. He works hard to teach us to accomplish the subtle and exact nature of his treatments. He approaches the patient with an eye for the underlying conditions and has great insight into the relationship between structure and organ function helping him to effectively treat insomnia, anxiety, and emotional difficulties. Since he started coming to this country in 2014, many people are studying with him since his results in Clinic are remarkable and easy to replicate.

Please by advised that due to the nature of this style of teaching the subject matter covered in class is governed very much by the Patients seen in the class and their presentation. If you have interesting patients to bring to class please contact Neal Sirwinski at 505-837-2335 or

November 9 & 10, 2019
Golden Flower Chinese Herbs
2724 Vassar PL NE, Albuquerque, NM
November 9 ,2019- 9:00am –6:00 pm-Saturday
8:00 am -5:00 pm-Sunday

16 CEU-Category 1 class pending approval by CA – provider #584- and NCCAOM #085(approved)

Reserve a space by paying the full cost -$385.00 (practitioners)
$325.00 (students) (Not refundable after October 20, 2019. Cancellations accepted minus $50.00 before October 20, 2019). 

Tsuyoshi Shimamura NM 2019
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In this class you will learn basic principles of Master Nagano’s treatment style

-Pulse Diagnosis

-Gentle manual manipulation adjusting structural imbalances

–Te A Te- How to place your hands: Intention and feeling  the Qi

-treatment of Stomach Qi – postnatal Qi

-treatment of prenatal Qi

-Emotional issues and methods to treat Kd and Ht not communicating.

-treatment strategies for heat rising- emotional and menopausal.

-treatment strategies for sports injuries and trauma involving back and neck pain.

Who was Master Nagano?

In post-war Japan, Master Acupuncturist Kiyoshi Nagano began a remarkable and fruitful investigation. Despite being blind, Nagano memorized Chinese canonical literature and developed a unique and ingenious theoretical and clinical approach that incorporated classical concepts and emergent insights from Western medicine. His ideas and methods did not follow an established group, which brought a certain stigma in Japanese acupuncture circles. Being mentally robust, he was proud of his ‘lone wolf’ status. Over the next half a century – using his extraordinary palpation and pulse diagnosis skills as a guide – he crafted ingenious acupuncture strategies for all types of conditions. He also became a mentor to two of the most important Japanese acupuncture teachers of our time: Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto and Tsuyoshi Shimamura.

Tsuyoshi Shimamura

Tsuyoshi Shimamura obtained licensure as an Acupuncturist and Moxibustionist in Japan in 1995 after completing studies at Meiji Acupuncture and Moxibustion College. Shimamura was fortunate to undertake a live-in apprenticeship with Master Nagano during the final years of Master Nagano’s life, living and working with Master Nagano between 1997 and 2000 as his closest apprentice.Shimamura not only inherited a vast amount of Nagano’s teachings, techniques, and theories but also gained an important insight into his character. Tsuyoshi Shimamura is a member of the Japan Acupuncturist Association, and has also published articles and DVDs for Ido-No-Nippon. Since 2006, Shimamura has been teaching seminars on the Acupuncture and diagnostic methods he learned during his time with Master Nagano. Shimamura has also taught a variety of hands-on manual techniques to Shiatsu practitioners, physical therapists, Bone-Setters and cosmetic therapists in Japan.Mr. Shimamura currently develops what he has learned with Master Nagano personally during their time together, and what he has learned from Master Acupuncturist Kiiko Matsumoto, as in his heart there is no replacement for their teachings, and as a result Mr. Shimamura focuses only on teaching openly and passionately to his students, that which he learned directly from Master Nagano and Kiiko Matsumoto, the most inspirational influences in Shimamura’s life. In recent years, Shimamura has impressed international students with his clarity and depth of understanding, his mindful presence, and his commitment to sharing Master Nagano’s legacy. Tsuyoshi Shimamura runs clinics in Hiroshima and Ooita, Japan, and holds a 1st Degree Black-Belt in Judo

Please note that this seminar is recorded. Methods used may include audio, visual or still photography. Because audience members ask questions or participate as subjects in the seminar and because the recordings may include audience membersNealSirwinski requires that, as a precondition to registering for this class, all attendees consent without restriction, to being recorded in whatever form recording is occurring at the seminar. Attendees must agree that all rights, including all intellectual property rights, to such recordings(and to all derivative works of such recordings in whatever form), shall belong exclusively to Neal Sirwinski. Attendees will not be compensated in any way for providing the above permission or for releasing rights to recordings:but is a precondition to attend the seminar.