Taught by Neal Sirwinski D.O.M.

Essentials of Hara Diagnosis


May 18 & 19, 2019

The perfect class to review or to prepare for Kiiko’s class inAlbuquerque in July. If you are new to Kiiko-style or wish to deepen your understanding of Kiiko’s style this practical, hands on class will sharpen your palpation and diagnostic skills. We will study and practice the basic palpation techniques of the hara and neck as well as Kiiko’s unique method for locating powerful treatment points.



3816 Carlisle NE Albuquerque NM
12 PDAs for each class NCCAOM, NM
10:00 AM- 5:00 PM

cost: $225.00 for the weekend-$135.00 for Students/1st year Practitioners

reserve a space by paying the full cost( which will not be refundable 2 weeks prior to each class, cancellations accepted minus $50.00 before 2 weeks prior to class). Send payments to 605 Monroe NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110

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Essentials of Hara Diagnosis
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These are  fundamentals classes for beginners and experienced practitioners alike exploring Kiiko Matsumoto-style acupuncture treatment. We will explore Kiiko’s unique palpitory diagnosis of the abdomen, neck and spine and and symptom . We will discuss the relationship of the bodies’ internal balance with external structural imbalances . By practicing these techniques the practitioner will be able to use them effectively and immediately in their own practice.
This class will include lecture, demonstration and lots of hands on practice .

You will learn:

    -the importance of abdominal (hara) palpation in patient assessment

    -Kiiko’s use of abdominal and neck palpation, back and spine palpation, pulse diagnosis, and
patient medical history to identify effective treatment strategies

    -Recognizing structural imbalance patterns- scoliosis and kyphosis
Sphenoid  bone/ pelvis imbalances
four corner
dai mai treatment

    -Identify the root problems of the patients’ complaints.

    -Practical and effective treatment strategies for the treatment of many metabolic disorders,
autonomic nervous system disturbances, osteoporosis and bone related problems, and
Kidney toxicity.

     -Master Nagano’s Inflammation treatments and jue point techniques

This class is an introduction to the techniques and basic theory of Kiiko Matsumoto’s style of acupuncture. It is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners of Kiiko-style acupuncture. Its intention is to clarify the basic workings of Kiiko’s style by using them practically in class. By practicing hands-on these techniques the practitioner will be able to use them effectively and immediately in their practice.


  Each class will include:

  • Principles of palpation diagnosis and cross checking for effectiveness of point location

– How to identify ,quickly, constitutional and symptomatic treatment strategies using abdominal (hara) diagnosis, neck diagnosis, pulse and patient history.
– How to apply Kiiko’s unique, easy method for cross-checking point location and efficacy.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of the constitutional protocols fundamental to this style:

These include Oketsu (blood stagnation),Immune system imbalance,adrenal deficiency,stomach qi deficiency, autonomic nervous system disturbance and inflammation treatment- Master Nagano’s metal-water treatment. These are the basis for many treatments and are used  commonly in many conditions.

  • Thread moxa, tiger warmer, and kyutoshin moxa techniques

Kiiko style acupuncture allows you to treat difficult and complicated cases. By using a systematic, easy to learn, palpation method designed to provide instant feedback, a Kiiko Style practitioner can follows a palpation sequence which establishes a diagnosis and suggests several treatment options which might be effective for treating a particular patient. Once learned, palpation of reflex points on the neck and abdomen become an easy method to use for obtaining instant feedback as to the patient’s condition of health and to the efficacy of your treatment. Kiiko’s Style acupuncture addresses the patient’s health issues from several levels. By looking more deeply into the structural and or constitutional imbalances, which often underlie a patient’s symptomatic complaints, the practitioner is able to assist in a more complete and lasting healing. It is precisely this holistic approach which gives a Kiiko Style acupuncturist the ability to help patients with the most complex issues. Often by seeing the patient’s problem from this broader perspective, the practitioner can solve difficult cases.